STARTing your professional yoga teaching career...

The Y4ALL 100h Apprenticeship Program (APR) is intended for yoga teachers who are looking for an ambitious further education covering the following topics: Class Sequencing, The Art of Teaching, Assisting & Modifications, the Yogic Lifestyle. The aim of the APR is to deepen the knowledge and skills acquired in Basic Teacher Training by putting it all into practice. The training period is 6 to 12 months.
For the successful completion of the APR, the teacher needs a minimum number of 100 credits and can earn them in the following categories:

  • Teaching & Assisting (min 50%)

  • Yoga & Meditation Practice (min. 10%)

  • Organising & Attending Workshops

  • Studio & Community Work

After successful completion of the APR the participant will receive a Y4ALL 100h APR certificate. The APR begins after the Y4ALL Basic Teacher Training.

Start Dates

1st June 2017 and 1st Jan 2018.