Not Just Another Yoga Studio


Our vision is to encourage people of all ages, shapes and sizes, backgrounds and levels to practice yoga. We are a fully inclusive studio, welcoming to all and we believe that yoga is a practice for everyone.

The Idea of Y4ALL - Yoga 4 All Mankind - came to Nicole and Jonas in 2012 while touring the United States of America looking for the best yoga studios on the East and West Coast.

While practicing with yoga rockstars like Dana Trixie Flynn from Laughing Lotus NY, Dharma Mitra from Dharma Yoga, Shiva Rea from Los Angeles, and Bryan Kest from Power Yoga L.A., Nicole and Jonas had an idea: why not bring this kind of yoga to Berlin, and make it accessible to everyone.

Powerful, vibrant, down to earth. Spiritual but also playful. And always set to great music. Thus Y4ALL was born and flourished into one of Germany’s leading destinations for yoga & pilates. At Y4All we practice a dynamic and playful form of Vinyasa Flow Yoga.

Our yoga is ambitious, yet easy to learn, energising yet calm, flowing yet grounded. Our classes are built step by step starting at a basic level and increase in difficulty on a consistent basis with lots of variations and options offered in every class. In this way both beginners, and intermediate and advanced practitioners can find their flow, release their minds and rejuvenate their bodies.

You can find our tranquil Berlin studio right at Greifswalder Str. 9 in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg.