Whether you are a beginner or an advanced yogi, our classes are open to yoga practitioners of all levels. Following the teachers you can work at your own pace and intensity. Our basic classes are recommended for those who are rather new to Yoga. Weekend classes meet the needs of our advanced yogis; those who want to challenge themselves and expand on their techniques.


Come fly with us! Using specially configured silk harnesses, we will take you through a sequence designed to relax and inspire at the same time. By playing with the effects of gravity, deeper stretches and increased postural release can be achieved.


Leave your stressful day behind! Exhilarating, dynamic and powerful while simultaneously calming and relaxing. Our signature After Workflow classes are ideal for the end of the day, whether you want to escape, be challenged, or simply lose yourself in the flow.


Strengthen yourself! Get into amazing shape with specially designed exercises that will train your abs and your back and will lead you to lean muscles and a toned body. Come and see what this precise training art is all about, and reap the benefits during your yoga practice.


Reboot yourself in the middle of your working schedule and leave feeling rejuvenated for the second half of your day. This class is based around a moderate and relaxing pace, ensuring that you will return to the office loaded with energy and enthusiasm.


Wake up and celebrate life with the spirit of the sun and a class to get you confident, toned and starting your day in a positive way. The focus is on fun but challenging classes that target specific areas of the body, while introducing yogic concepts and self confidence.


Pilates meets Yoga meets Body Works. This is a dynamic class incorporating elements of both Yoga and Pilates. A nice opportunity to take a break from routine practices while still doing something for the abdominal and back muscles.


Yoga is FUN! Join us for our Signature Power Flow Class and bring your best level of energy and attention. You will sweat, smile and have a great time with demanding asanas that will bring your practice to another level. Pop / electro / hip hop? We play them all. Join us for this joyful class.


Learn yoga basics and improve your practice in this dynamic flow class. All levels are welcome: absolute beginners as well as advanced yogis that want to reconnect with their practice. Expect a good sweat, basic does not necessarily mean easy!